We help you increase your agility to improve your business outcomes

Individuals, teams, and entire organizations. We keep things simple. We help you learn something small yet impactful, in your business language, then partner with you to implement, observe/measure, refine, and optimize. Based upon what we learn together we decide on next steps. All interactions, each workshop, each consultation, result in tangible immediate real-world benefits for you and your specific and unique situation. We don't believe in two-day training sessions leaving you on your own to implement.
We work with all business functions across the enterprise. Sales, marketing, support, legal, operations, IT, manufacturing, accounting, finance, and all other business functions can leverage the power of agile. We know how to help software and non-software alike regardless of where you are in your agile journey or even if you are just beginning.
#NoFrameworks. We don't create frameworks, teach them, or certify you with a cool badge to post on LinkedIn. Rather, we recommend, educate you, and help you implement great agile practices, tailored to your needs, regardless of origin framework. We select only the best parts across all frameworks and even those created outside of frameworks. We serve our clients, not a framework author.
We are not academics. We know agile because we have lived and breathed agile for more than 20 years as individual contributors, organizational leaders, and consultants across many industries, companies small and large, new and mature. We know what works (and what doesn't - we have stories to tell), how to implement it, and how to improve it.  Occasionally we will see a new situation or challenge, but more often than not, we have experienced what you are facing now. Our breadth and depth of experience powers our empathy and our guidance for your benefit.
Questions? Contact us. We look forward to learning about you and how we can help.
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